The Wedding Day

Traditionally this tends to be an early start, but rest assured, this is the calmest and most relaxing point of your day. Upon arrival Arman will meet you at your selected venue, after which he will set up in an appropriate space, ensuring everything is ready to go.

You will spend an average time of 2.5 hours, and will not require anybody else to be there, this gives the others in the bridal party chance to glam themselves up, whilst Arman will take care of everything from the Hair & Makeup through to Jewellery Adornment and Chunni/Dupatta or Veil setting. Just so long as you provide the coffee.

Knowing that this is the most stressful part of the day for the bride, Arman is well equipped with years of experience to ensure the smooth running of your morning, after which comes the handover from Arman to the family. You are then left to enjoy your day with confidence. 

Knowing that the look that has been specifically created for you will be a long lasting and timeless look, you should feel rest assured looking at your pictures in years to come you will always be glad you made the right decision- to be Armanised...

Should you wish to have a second look on the same day, this can be organised with Arman directly and is normally booked at the same time as the wedding booking. 

And this is the part where we confirm you are happy with everything and leave you to enjoy your wedding day and make some everlasting memories.