About Me

Any make-up artist can possess the talent, but what defines a true artist is that fiery spark of creativity. With a refreshing approach to beauty, Arman Milind represents a new breed of make-up artist who blends experience with inspiring palettes to create fabulous fashion and bridal looks for his clients. Having worked with MAC for over 14 years . Arman’s work has graced the pages of many publications, having worked with celebrities, models and brides.

Drawing on his strengths, Arman’s background in art is the secret behind his unique interpretations of bridal and fashion looks. It’s why he’s a regular feature at catwalk and music shows, with former clients including Christina Aguilera and Kanye West, as well as Jacob Kimmie at London Fashion Week. Assessing from a creative point of view, his USP is to “bring the best out of a person’s features”, working with your looks and features to create a beautiful, inspiring canvas, from the hair to the skin and make-up.

Style is an individual preference, but Arman’s signature look is glamorous, red-carpet hair that softens the face, framing exquisite, flawless skin. For brides, knowing that he works quickly is an advantage, average time under two hours, but knowing that once the make-up is on, it won’t budge, is a reflection of his flawless artistry. Miraculously, such is Arman’s skill that despite being durable, the make-up still retains the look of a natural finish.

For brides, the process usually begins with a telephone consultation, followed by an optional £120.00 trial. The trial, which is a 2 hour process, is a brilliant opportunity for Arman to get to know you, identify your likes and dislikes, and put together a look that makes you feel like a million dollars. You’ll talk colours, discuss options for different looks and come away feeling fully assured that there’s nothing to worry about for the Big Day.

Arman’s signature bridal style is subtlety that channels the natural look. He says: “Brides tend to wear a lot of jewellery or at the very least, will be wearing an elaborate outfit. I find that a fresh face and dewy skin stands out much more than layering lots of colour on it.”

Arman’s fresh and honest approach has been appreciated by many former clients, who have him to thank for looking flawless in their wedding photographs. It’s a sentiment that doesn’t just apply to bridal make-up either; as well as fashion, with Arman you know you’re getting a result that’s picture-perfect.